I am a registered Clinical Psychologist offering safe, effective and affordable help for:

• Anxiety e.g. generalised anxiety, panic, phobias, OCD
• Relationship issues e.g. affairs/betrayal, anger, abuse
• Depression e.g. feeling sad, postnatal depression, low self-esteem
• Family issues e.g. separation/divorce,  managing conflict
• Trauma, including  accidents, assault, chronic trauma e.g. abuse
• Grief and bereavement
• Stress …and more (please do get in touch to discuss your unique needs)

In addition, I specialise in working with longstanding emotional/relationship difficulties that may not have responded to previous treatment. Examples of this would include struggling to establish/maintain relationships, emotions getting out of control, and repeatedly behaving in ways that lead to feelings of regret, shame, guilt, and hopelessness.

My thorough professional training has equipped me with the ability to draw thoughtfully and critically on a range of psychotherapy approaches including cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), cognitive-analytic therapy (CAT), systemic psychotherapy, and psychodynamic psychotherapy. If you would like to find out more about me and my approach to psychological therapy, please visit www.ddcp.co.uk


Dr Blackman offers appointments at Durham Therapy Centre on Sunday evenings. To arrange a free initial 30-minute consultation, or to ask any questions, please get in touch via any of the following methods:


Phone: 01388 448200
Email: Click here
Website: www.ddcp.co.uk/enquiries