Hi, my name is Valerie Speed. I completed my training as a CBT Therapist in 2010 and have been a fully accredited Practitioner since 2012 with the BABCP.

I work primarily in the NHS and have experience working with many different types of difficulties, including Anxiety Disorders, PTSD, Complex Trauma, OCD, Phobias, Depression.

Prior to becoming a Therapist, I worked in the NHS as a Psychiatric Nurse and so have twenty years’ experience of working with people with mental health problems. My work took me into many different areas of expertise, but, in particular, I have considerable experience working in Drug and Alcohol Services and with people experiencing Psychosis. As a trained Psychiatric Nurse, I am also registered with the NMC.

CBT is a goal orientated approach where by client and therapist work collaboratively to set goals for what is achievable in therapy and work towards those goals in therapy. Therapy is time limited. My personal style is to adhere to evidence based approaches but to nevertheless tailor the approach to fit the needs of the individual.

Recently, I completed training in EMDR, a therapy used primarily for the treatment of PTSD, although can be used in the treatment of other problems.

EMDR, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, works on the principle that unprocessed memories are the root cause of psychological difficulties. The aim of this approach is to help people process disturbing memories that are associated with current difficulties.

As with CBT, Therapist and Client work collaboratively to identify future goals along with the causes of current difficulties. A key part of EMDR, although not the only part, is the stage of processing unhelpful memories. Current difficulties are then addressed and once done, what is termed, a future template, which is how the client would like to be able to manage difficult situations in the future, is set.

If you were to attend for therapy, we would be able discuss which therapy, CBT or EMDR, would best suit your needs.


Valerie offers appointments at Durham Therapy Centre on Wednesday mornings.


To make an enquiry or book an appointment, please contact Valerie on:

Mobile: 07724354531
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