Hi I am Juliet,

I am passionate about enabling, not just adults (and couples) but children and young people. I wish to give all those with whom I meet the opportunity  to have a place, where they feel safe enough to explore their “stuff”, to be wholly themselves, as well as to enjoy working with me through whatever medium they wish ( talking, drawing, games, movement, drumming, puppets and stories).  I enjoy being with my clients as they try to understand their issues for themselves, as well as in relation to others around them.  Ensuring that they feel supported in their exploration is an essential component of the work we do together.

My work as a counsellor is based upon the humanistic philosophy, which I believe highlights particularly, the potential of all human beings. It also underlines the importance of the creation of a relationship between client and counsellor within which the client must feel able to fully explore any subject they wish to bring to a session, no matter its content.  For me, valuing the whole person and all they are is an essential part of this.

My interest in how people experience their feelings and emotions within their body (body felt sense) resulted in my training in Focusing (www.focusing.org.uk). This I believe can help people to find a greater awareness of the body “felt-sense”.  Focusing assists me personally in my daily life, as well when I am working with clients.  I trained as a counsellor and  in order to enhance my work in the NHS as a midwife.  This resulted in being employed as a counsellor in the NHS.  Leaving the NHS enabled me to develop further skills in working with people of all ages and enhanced my enthusiasm for working particularly with young people including those at university and college.  My time at a hospice added to my understanding of working with those who have been bereaved, or who have experienced a trauma, a life limiting loss or an illness.

I am particularly interested in issues such as;

School/University or family problems, Relationships, self development and transition, bereavement and loss, trauma, physical disability and illness, homelessness, employment issues, mental illness, anger issues, pregnancy issues, sexual health, sexual identity and sexuality.

I qualified as a supervisor in 2010 and have offered supervision to both qualified and student counsellors. I offer supervision to qualified counsellors and students.  I work in a collaborative manner and understand supervision to be a dialogue between supervisor and supervisee, which hopefully enables the supervisee to solve the dilemmas that they bring to the supervision, but also brings learning for the supervisor.

I am a registered member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists.


I offer appointments at Durham Therapy Centre on Wednesday evenings and Thursday morning and afternoon. Cost is £45 for individuals, £55 for couples.

Supervision costs £55 per 1.5 hours.


To make an enquiry or book an appointment, please contact Juliet on:

Mobile: 07557130994 or 01833 660846
Email: Click here