Counselling offers you a safe, non- judgemental environment to explore whatever issue or difficulty you are experiencing. How you use this will depend on what you hope to achieve by coming to counselling. The process is built on trust, and as this develops so will your confidence in using it to your best advantage. As examples, it can help you to:-

  • Sort through your thoughts and feelings about difficult issues
  • Resolve feelings of depression or anxiety
  • Work out how to cope with a particular problem or situation
  • Increase your self- confidence
  • Work through old hurts and conflicts
  • Develop self understanding and self acceptance

Counselling is not always about helping people to make changes that improve their quality of life. Sometimes it helps just having someone there to share feelings or fears. The reality is that we are all unique so everyone will use it differently and seek different outcomes.


Sarah Atkinson
Lynne Bargewell
Edward Conn
Jo Crighton
Alison Eldridge
Amanda Fox
Christina Hardy
Jeannie Hardy
Tai Mitchell
Andrew Pearce
Jane Pearce
Thomas Reeves
Lucy Roberts
Stacey Rodgers
Sarah-Jayne Rowlinson
Emma Shickle
Dr Markku Wood
Kat Wysoczanska

Please note, counselling and psychotherapy are both used as umbrella terms for a range of talking therapies and some of our practitioners are accredited as both a counsellor and psychotherapist.